ProNautica Jet Ski : Exportation Parts

ProNautica Jet Ski

The successful Brazilian company of PWC Business, is located in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina
and it is nowadays recognized from our Customers spread around the country as the most qualified technical support company and confident store for sell new and remarking jet-skis.

We have been started since 1991, selling all equipment and accessories for people who enjoy the adventure, practicing Jet Ski sport.

One of them, is increase our exportation business, because more than 100 items are made in Brazil,
and we got unbelievable discount prices for Stores and Salesmen.

Some products examples are: Axles, Motor Mountains, turbines, starters reles, couplers, air filters, molded life saving vests, wake boarding, kit surfing , rescue boards, etc.

If you are interested to be our partner, please let us know, and we will send a full list price as soon as possible. Nowadays in Brazil, we have great incentives for exportation and we are sure that you will be appreciate our offers.

Finally, the second one is spread our skill and knowledge in Jet Ski Events.

Pro Nautica has been organized Jet Waves Cup since 1991, becoming a state partner in Championships, through Mr. Brandao (Tchello as is called from everybody), role as Technical Director in Santa Catarina Federation for Jet Skiing, and President of the IFWA (International Freeride Watercraft Association).