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Jettribe Crew Prepping for World Finals & King’s Cup!

>  09/22/2011

It’s been a hell of a week for the Jettribe crew. Most of our crew is frantically packing and prepping for the World Finals in Lake Havasu, AZ which is less than 2 weeks away. The other part of our Jettribe crew is in
Thailand on a recon mission to prep for the King’s Cup Race!

At Jettribe we take overseas racing very seriously. We flew to Thailand to case out the race site in Pattaya, Thailand so we could see what the water conditions are like in the morning, afternoon, how much chop there is, and what the conditions are like when the wind picks up. We also looked at the sand and shore, water temperature, elevation, etc. We had sent the pictures directly from Pattaya Beach from our blackberry instantly to Rick Sherker who was waiting for the info.

On top of checking out the race site for our team riders, we scoped out the local accommodations from the host hotel, which is totally nice by the way for local food. We also looked at places where we could take our team riders to eat and not have any local food “issues”.

We at Jettribe are obsessed with our gear’s performance. For 2012 we have released the RS-16 race edition performance gear! Just to make sure that our Jettribe gear performs at its peak for our riders, we threw all of the gear into our luggage and tested them out in Thailand’s harsh, hot, humid weather. Plus, the Pacific salt water is tough on any gear! We strive to provide our PWC riders with the best gear worldwide. We test our gear from both sides of the world.

Our Jettribe crew definitely cannot give enough thanks to Sam our local Thai distributor for helping Jettribe with the testing of our new products, as well as driving us to the race site in Pattaya which is about 2 hours
away from Sam’s warehouse in Bangkok! Plus, he and his friend took out his huge boat and hummer to take us cruising.

For those who do not realize, luxury items like Sam’s friend’s H3 Hummer are three times the cost compared to in the US. The H3 is close to $100k in Thailand and there is no financing; cash is the only method of payment…ouch! The boat is probably over $100k. It’s a totally different world here in Thailand! We are glad to spend some time with them, it was priceless!

While we were over in Thailand we saw lots of crazy stuff. One of our encounters included seeing a scooter pulling a PWC…and we thought we had seen it all!

After our trip to Thailand we found ourselves in Vietnam hanging with one of our local staff members, whose family owns a ranch. We absolutely love getting to have experiences like this! It makes our job so rewarding to be able to have priceless moments like this with people who treat us like family.


Chelsea Schneider
Jettribe Racer Support

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